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Genome Foundation, a leading non-profit company established by a group of highly reputed Molecular Biologists led by late Dr Lalji Singh, late Dr P M Bhargava, well known Forensic Scientist Dr Gandhi P C Kaza, Defence Scientist Dr Palle Rama Rao and eminent Medical Professionals like Dr. Karkala Subba Rao is engaged in Research, Training, Skill development, Genetic Diagnosis and Counselling. Currently, the well known Board of Directors comprise of :

  • Dr C Rangarajan, Chairman (Economist, Former Chairman, Prime Minister's Economic Advisory council, New Delhi).
  • Dr. K.P.C. Gandhi, Managing Director (Founder Director, Former DIG - Forensic Labs. of undivided AP), presently Chairman of Truth Labs, India. and Advisor to the Government Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal &  J & K.
  • Dr. M.W.Pandit  (Founder Director and Retired Scientist & Former Deputy Director of CCMB). 

The problem of genetic disorders in India is enormous. Millions suffer from inherited genetic diseases and the one-sixth of the world’s population living in India has never been systematically studied for the prevalence of these diseases. The fact that most of the genetic disorders found in rural India are novel in nature and have not been recorded till date, makes the task of diagnosing these disorders challenging. The Genome Foundation strives to meet the urgent need to take authentic and affordable genetic diagnostic services to the rural population in the country. We believe the foundations efforts will have a significant impact on life sciences and improve the human condition of millions.

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