About Us

Our Mission, is to leverage advances in Genetics to develop predictive and preventive healthcare services that are accessible and affordable by the common man.

Our Vision, is an India where everyone has access to affordable and quality Predictive and Preventive health care. Swasth Bharat!!

An India where the poorest and remotest communities have access to affordable genetic diagnostic services.

Primary objectives

  • To provide diagnostic services (molecular, prenatal, carrier) and genetic counseling for various genetic disorders with intent to reduce its burden on society
  • To provide diagnostic services for infectious diseases, susceptibility, and planning of therapeutic strategies
  • To promote and assist in implementation of social welfare and consumer protection measures as relates to such diagnostic services.
  • To design and develop modules for gene therapy of various genetic disorders
  • To assist in R&D activities and utilize the results for the benefit and welfare of people
  • To establish a pan India network of centers to deliver diagnostic services at affordable costs to the masses
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