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Progress till date

  • Allotment of 4.18 acres of land in Hyderabad  by the Andhra Pradesh State Government towards establishment of the headquarters and rural training facility
  • Establishment of rural research and diagnostics center in a village in Eastern UP (district Jaunpur)
    • center is fully solar powered and operational with state of the art diagnostic capabilities
    • rural health camps are conducted at this center on alternate Sundays covering in excess of a thousand patients on a single day
  • Social outreach programs – participation in screening and awareness camps across the country and tie ups such as with Government of Himachal Pradesh to train doctors to screen for Muscular Dystrophy disorders in the community
  • INR 3 Crore grant from the Department of Science & Technology towards purchase of equipment
  • Recognition from Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) affirming research objectives
  • Research activities - insights generated from the foundation’s recent research activities which carry far reaching implications
    • Alarming increase in pervasiveness of chronic diseases (such as diabetes, hypertension) amongst the rural population. These signs of urbanization call for intervention to contain the spread of such chronic diseases until now thought to be prevalent only amongst urban and affluent sections of the population.
  • Strong interest from across the country to establish rural diagnostic centers in respective districts. Memorandums of Understanding in progress with Health Ministries of Chhattisgarh, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, MP. Bihar, UP and Uttarkhand
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